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I understand and agree that service will be setup instantly and I CANNOT Switch Services after payment.
I Understand and Agree that my service will be activated instantly upon payment. I also agree that I will email Net1Hosting at before contacting my financial institution. If contacting my financial institution is required I will supply an email as proof that I tried to contact Net1Hosting before taking further action.
I Understand and Agree that ALL SALES ARE FINAL and that there are no refunds once service has been activated. This is a digital service and no product will be shipped. It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain the proper equipment to use this service.
I understand and agree that the email address used to create my Net1Hosting account must be the same email address used to make my payment with. If my email addresses do not match my order will be canceled and refunded.
I understand and agree that by making this purchase I will automatically be added to the Net1Hosting mailing list.
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