A1-TV is an Amazing Streaming APP!! I love this New Version. The blue background when you open up the APP is easy on the eyes so you can focus on the App which is so easy to explore. After you log into the APP there are sections for LIVE TV, GUIDE, VOD,& SERIES. On the front of the page are buttons on the bottom left side for MULTI SCREEN and FAVORITES, Which is so convenient if that's where you want to go straight to. On the right side of the APP lower bottom corner is a button for SETTINGS, Also very convenient when you need to get to it fast. I love that You can move in and out of the categories and stations within the APP easily. Click on whatever you'd like and you're in for a great experience!

First I'll talk about this LIVE TV.

When you get into the LIVE TV you get that easy on the eyes Awesome blue background with the APP starting at the top of categories with FAVORITES that you put on your FAVORITES list. At the top left side is your time and date and over on the right is an A THROUGH Z SEARCH BAR when you click on it. Now this search is really cool because you can go to any category and search and if its there it will pull up on the screen. Now that is for any category...You can search separate or within the categories themselves.I really like that feature because sometimes it's hard for me to find shows by scrolling because there are so many channels.

Next we have the TV GUIDE.

When you get into the TV GUIDE you get a smooth set up for a guide with the date and time displayed nicely in the top right hand corner. Now this guide is beautiful and easy to maneuver  around. At the top of the guide it will show what's playing and the time slot and description of show. Underneath it will show buttons for  PREV and NEXT so that you may scroll through the categories and see what is playing and times underneath. I was completely satisfied with how easy this guide is. just click and the show comes up with a picture in picture with all the times that the particular show comes on with additional info, Then click again and you get a full screen. They did a great job with this GUIDE.

So then we go onto the VOD.

When you get into VOD you have that easy on the eyes blue background again and it's just so lovely.At the very top when you get in is the date and time and over to the right is the search bar to search for movies you would like to watch. Now just like the LIVE TV section there are categories on the left side to scroll through,just click on any category and pull up an array of movies that you can scroll over and click on, when you click on the picture of the movie it then brings you to a screen that has the cover, rating, cast, genre, director, & date. I also like the fact that it has a description of the movie. It's like going out and renting or buying a movie, but it's FREE! When you play the movie it is awesome that it has a PAUSE,REWIND,& FAST FORWARD button. It also has buttons for AUDIO, PICTURE, SUBTITLES(CC), & RESIZE TO YOUR SCREEN. This is one of the best VOD'S that I have seen so far.

Last we have SERIES

In this section, again we have that pretty blue background with the date and time at the top of your screen and also the search bar to search within your TV SERIES. Now this is one of the best TV SERIES sections that I have seen so far. We have the FAVORITES right at the top again. Below that there is a list of all the TV SERIES that you can click on.Once you click on the SERIES that you desire to watch, your show will pop up with picture, description, director, cast, plot, seasons, and episodes. Once you click on the episode you want to watch it is played just like the VOD with all the options of VOD.

In conclusion this APP is wonderfully and beautifully made...

You will have a great and wonderful APP if you buy this SERVICE today!




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Thursday, February 13, 2020

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